کد : H-K 481-C

شناسه محصول: کد : H-K 481-C

The compact and well-proportioned silhouette of both the seats and the small sofa, opens up to a new way of using the dining space: as a living room within the living room, a hybrid situation.


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The company reinterprets tradition by calling upon international designers to work with them and developing new technologies and materials to guarantee innovative and surprising results. Passion is the engine that drives the brand – together with its renowned creatives and high-profile collaborators – to search for original solutions using advanced materials, methods, tools, and technologies.

  • Choose items in a single color scheme and style
  • Consider the area of the room
  • Do not buy unnecessary pieces of furniture

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صندلی لبه نرم Iskos-Berlin که با کاوش در تکنیک‌های نوآورانه تخته‌لایه‌های قالب‌گیری شده امکان‌پذیر شده است، منحنی‌های قوی را با سبکی فوق‌العاده ترکیب می‌کند تا یک سه‌بعدی ایجاد کند که معمولاً با تخته‌لایه دو بعدی امکان‌پذیر نیست.




French Bistre, Jet

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